Hi There!

I am a Technical Product Manager and Community Builder originally from Texas but now I call Brooklyn home. I've always sought opportunities that place me between creative ideas and technology. My super power is facilitating process and conversation to build out that initial spark into digital form.

I've got a wide range of experience from building enterprise level business software for companies including Turner, Time Warner & Thomson Reuters to producing self-funded DIY installations at museums with only volunteer staff. At the heart of my professional and creative pursuits is my passion to create things through collaborative processes that would not be possible alone.

Creating a healthy, inclusive community around technology is important to me. I am a co-organizer at the School for Poetic Computation and co-owner of Babycastles, an independent digital art gallery and community space in Manhattan.

re-code, an installation at Day For Night music festival
School For Poetic Computation, NYC 2015 (Spring, Summer, Fall)
Babycastles Summit @ Museum of Art & Design, NYC 2012

Poetic Science Fair, NYC 2014
Harpy Diem @ Secret Project Robot, NYC 2012
Gamma IV @ GDC, CA 2010

Facets, 2015
Code Liberation Game Jam (press), 2013
Different Games, 2012